First, read all about how chocolate is becoming a hallmark of local Utah foods in the January/February issue of Salt Lake magazine. We are lucky to live in an amazing chocolo-centric city, and Vanessa Chang tells you all about it here

Then, make plans to head up the hill to Natural History Museum of Utah to peruse the exhibit about chocolate. Conceived by the Field Museum in Chicago, this traveling exhibit explores the history, chemistry and culture of the world's favorite flavor, from ancient Mexico to modern America.

The exhibit opens on February 8. Call for exact times.

In this exhibit you'll get an up-close look at a cacao tree in a tropical rain forest, learn how the Aztecs used cacao beans as cash and come to understand the bean-to-bar process. You'll get an inkling of the chemical reasons humans love the flavor of chocolate. 

Fun, educational and delicious for the whole family.