You'll be glad to hear that long-time wine guy and front-of-the-house (as they call it in the restaurant biz) man Christian Frech is now at Naked Fish

 And Louis Koppel, CWE, the architect behind the excellent wine list at Spencer's Steakhouse is now lending his oeno-expertise to the wine service at BTG., on behalf of Spencer's, won Best Wine List from this magazine's Dining Awards in 2012.) 

 Just proving that you can't keep a good wine down.

 Not that they don't try.Thanks, Elder Christofferson.

 But despite the best efforts of the LDS church and the Utah legislature to squelch the growing interest and love of wine and other fine alcoholic beverages in the Beehive state, more and more of us are learning to appreciate wine and make it part of our life. Wine experts like Francis Fecteau of Libation and Jim Santangelo of the Wine Academy of Utah offer classes for the public and train restaurant servers in the interest of enhancing wine appreciation.

Here's your chance to learn even more.

Jim Santangelo's Wine Academy of Utah  offers a several months-long wine and spirit certification course for amateurs and professionals through the Wine and Spirits Education Trust out of London, but if that's more than you can swallow, he has other options. He also teaches classes through the U of U's continuing education series and at The Leonardo.

 Now he's offering another angle, a wine class for executives, or anyone who has to take people out to dinner a lot and order wine.

 The new Executive Wine Series consists of two 90-minute seminars on how to select wine in a restaurant including navigating the list, find the sweet spot for values, tasting and serving etiquette.

 Whether or not you imbibe yourself, this class should tell you everything you need to know about the art of hosting in a restaurant. Call 801-486-9463 for more information.