According to my observations, Salt Lakers are really sticking with their New Year's resolutions.

 How do I know?

 The magazine offices are in the same building as a 24-Hour Fitness; after being half-empty all fall, in January, the parking lot was jammed in the morning and it still is.

In related news, Pulp, a smoothie and juice bar, opened its doors at the first of the year. It's in The Gym at City Creek but it's open to the public. Owned and operated by Mary Runolfson, Thomas Kreitlow, and Josh Marans, all formerly with Rico Brand/Frida Bistro, Pulp's name is inspired by its specialty, “Original Blends”smoothies–all natural, made with fresh juices, real fruits and veggies, no concentrates or syrups. Serious patrons can boost their smoothies with a free supplement such as chia and flax seeds, whey, egg white, and hemp protein, or shredded coconut. But they also might get a smile from some of the names: "Drop da Beet" (mango, strawberry, kale, apple, and beet juice), "Jolly Green" (kale, spinach, banana, apple, agave, and coconut water), and "Monkey Bidness" (freshly-ground peanut butter, banana, cocoa powder, and almond milk). And smiles are healthy, too.

 In addition to smoothies and juice, Pulp has partnered with local artisans such as Laziz Middle Eastern Foods,  Mamachari Kombucha, Rimini Coffee, and Butcher's Bunches to offer other healthy options. On opening day Pulp featured a vegan Moroccan Coconut Lentil soup paired with a grilled PB&J or another panini. All food options are vegetarian or vegan.

Utah usually ranks high on the list of healthiest states in the country. Maybe part of the reason is the local food businesses that help us out.

 Like longtime vegetarian favorites Vertical Diner and Sage's Cafe, owned by pretty-famous vegetarian chef, Ian Brandt. And the healthy foods checkout line at Harmons, designed to distract kids from candy.

It's good to live in a city that takes care of its health*. But I won't be sorry when the fit folks take it outside and I can find a place to park. 

*With, of course, the notable exception of the air.