Tara Williams, owner of H2O Vitality

We’ve all heard the advice "drink eight glasses of water per day," but water store H2O Vitality adds a caveat to the rule—eight glasses, yes, but the type of water you choose is just as important.

“My dad got sick with cancer,” says Tara Williams, owner of H2O Vitality, “and when I saw what alkaline water did for him, I wanted to share it with everyone.” She says her father's condition improved quickly, and he has been cancer free for four years.

Williams' career hasn't always been in the water biz. “I used to think I wanted to be the next CEO of Marriott, but I got sick of huge corporations,” she says. Instead, she grabbed her German Shepherd, sold her house in Florida, and headed West to share her water knowledge with Utahns.

For skeptics, Williams offers some simple logic: “When you’re dehydrated, your body is acidic. When your body is alkaline, it adds an extra layer of defense for your body.” Since alkaline water is higher on the pH scale, it counteracts the effects of acid in your body.

“Every time you consume something, it takes away from your body’s alkalinity. That’s why it’s good for you to replenish,” she says. 

H2O Vitality offers jugs of alkaline water, filters for your home and on the go and microcurrent facials. 

The store has only been in business for four months but already has its regulars, like Olympic speed skater Lauren CholewinskiEvery day after his yoga workout, Dustin Driggs stops by the store. “This place is awesome,” he says. “If I go a day without it, I can tell a huge difference.”

H2O Vitality is located in Sugar House at 2030 S. 900 East.