Let’s face it, just keeping an eye on what is going on to clean the Wasatch Front’s air is tedious at best for citizens. Let’s not even talk about actually attending government meetings on the subject.

The Legislature’s committees, caucuses and bill calendars create a byzantine system that only a highly paid lobbyist can follow. This is no accident, of course. But several proposals to reduce the filth in the air are working their way through the Legislature and you need to keep an close eye on them or they will be dealt with behind closed doors—or the equivalent: the House and Senate floors.

But HEAL Utah, an activist group that has become the spear point of grassroots efforts to get something done to improve our air quality, is offering a painless way to stay on top of the carnival of pain we call representative democracy. HEAL's Matt Pacenza will send you regular updates on the air-quality skinny at the Lege. His dispatches are understandable, witty and wonderfully brief. 

Until then, here's an executive summary of Matt's latest update:

Things are going very well. So far, every bill we have supported has passed out of committee. That's exciting. ...

Second, there will definitely be more fights ahead: Far too often, good bills pass committees but then meet a quiet death on the floor of the House and Senate, where there is no opportunity for the public to weigh in. So while we should take a moment and feel pleased, our work is hardly over. 

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