Like all local journalistos, I hate to hear first about local news from a national source. 

On the other hand, it's undeniably good news that Viet Pham and Ty Burrell–both TV stars– are opening a beer bar with food next to Bar X in downtown SLC, as reported extensively by Food & Wine magazine.

Which is where you can go to read all the details, including a recipe for a Brat Reuben made with local sausage. 

I'm sorry to say that the "concept" of another beer bar in Utah makes me yawn, but food from Viet is bound to be exciting. 

Viet's been floating since cutting the ties with Forage's kitchen (which is forging ahead brilliantly with Bowman Brown manning the stove–don't miss it).

In the past months, rumors have been bubbling about a Viet-powered fried-chicken restaurant, or maybe a seafood restaurant in collaboration with Naked Fish's Johnny Kwon—and of course almost-mythological Ember & Ash, Viet's dream project that was supposed to open in Park City, but now seems to be destined for SLC. We'll see.