Melissa Soltesz, photo courtesy of Melissa Soltesz

Like learning to savor a complex Bordeaux or delicate Pinot noir, your art palette could probably benefit from a lesson in “art tasting.” By sampling a variety of different styles or mediums and receiving guidance on art culture, you’ll cull a deeper understanding of the elaborate layers that go into experiencing fine art. At least, that’s the goal with Soltesz Fine Art Tours, a personalized discovery of the Park City art scene guided by fine art appraiser and consultant Melissa Soltesz. 

With 16 years of fine art experience, Soltesz calls upon her intimate connections with Park City and Salt Lake City artists, gallery owners, and collectors to help dissect the intricacies of art themes, trends, and techniques. And thanks to more than 20 art galleries throughout Park City, there are plenty of artistic mediums (and messages) to navigate. It’s a lively way to open the door for discussions on an abstract topic that is often hard to grasp.

Discerning art aficionados can go beyond a general walk-and-talk tour of local artwork with Soltesz’s Artist Studio Tour, a behind-the-scenes journey into the creative lairs of local painters, sculptors, photographers, and glassblowers. Or for art appreciators looking to grow into art collectors, Soltesz’s experience as a veteran art consultant will shed light on the sophisticated side of collecting, pricing, and valuing artwork.

Soltesz also guides personalized tours organized around the Kimball Arts Festival, the Sundance Film Festival and even Park City’s public art displays. While the intimate tours are great for small groups, the broad topic appeals to larger groups too.

Photo courtesy of Melissa Soltesz

Prices start at $50 per person for a 2-hour personalized gallery tour. Visit Soltesz Fine Art Tour’s website for more information, or contact Melissa Soltesz at 435-901-0961 or