Here's your chance to see amazing art from Nelson Mandela, Dale Chihuly and Susan Swartz, to name a few. Plus, it's all for a good cause.

Zions Bank and Stein Eriksen Lodge will present The Winter Art Salon in Deer Valley, starting Feb. 21. This event will last the entire weekend and art collectors will not only have the chance to grow their collections but contribute to the Kimball Art Center. 

Anna Hunter, from Belgravia Gallery of London is responsible for bringing the celebrated artwork from Prince Charles and Nelson Mandela to The Winter Art Salon. She spoke to us about one of the pieces by Mandela and gave the story behind the art.

Hand print by Nelson Mandela

Hunter met Mandela in his home in Johannesburg in 2002 when he was signing lithographs for his first art series.

When asked to step out of a room so Mandela could take a personal call, Hunter and her daughter found themselves in a room full of handprint paintings. Upon asking the publisher what was to be done with the paintings, it was revealed the prints were an attempt to clearly show the love and life lines of Mandela's hand. These were to be sent to a palm reader to figure out Mandela's life story.   

Hunter went on excitedly to say, "There is one that . . . looks a little bit like Africa in the middle of it, in the middle of the palm of his hand. And sure enough that was made into a lithograph that was then reproduced life size on the front page of The Times in London. This has become known as Mandela's handprint and it's quite talked about. It will be at the Salon for everybody to see."

As for all the other artists that will be on display this weekend, Hunter says, "All the exhibitors are world class. It's really wonderful for people to be able to see these very high quality pieces."

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to add a little art to your life. Admission is free. For more information 435-649-8882 or visit