Scooby-Doo, driven by Nicole Johnson

Monster Jam was here last weekend, Feb. 14-16 at EnergySolutions, and if you weren’t there for the epicness, here are the deets.

The Valentine's Day show began patriotically, complete with national anthem and monster-sized flag. But following the national pride was the exciting part: the spotlights, countdown, and … revving.

Half a dozen monster trucks peeled into the arena. It was then I understood why every child in the audience had ear plugs. Although my ears felt close to bleeding, the rumbling that rippled through the stands was contagious; I couldn’t help but be excited.

All you newbies out there, don’t be fooled by the name. This monster truck show wasn’t just about smashing things and giant trucks. There was scoring, street car racing and motocross.

Captain's Curse, driven by Alex Blackwell

Of course, there was still smashing. (Luckily, no drivers were hurt.) The first flip was in the wheelies round: Trent Montgomery in Iron Outlaw. However, his crowd pleasing trick only got him second place, right behind Grave Digger.

Iron Outlaw, driven by Trent Montgomery

After three rounds of racing, legend Dennis Anderson won in Grave Digger, making him the winner of, well, everything up to this point in the show.

Grave Digger, driven by Dennis Anderson

The first truck to take a big jump, Scooby-Doo seemed the clear freestyle winner. But victory was short lived. 

Scooby-Doo, driven by Nicole Johnson

Captain’s Curse, driven by Alex Blackwell, beat Scooby's score with an epic jump and 360 spin. Then the Lucas Oil Crusader managed second place, above Scooby, while busting its $50,000 motor.

The show ended with an even bigger bang than the one to kick it off. Instead of stealing the freestyle win as expected, Dennis Anderson flipped Grave Digger while racing up the largest ramp.

Grave Digger, driven by Dennis Anderson

While the drivers were great and the tricks exciting, the real stars of the show were the fans, including Grave Digger's biggest (and littlest) fan, Dillon.

If you feel like you missed out, check out the Monster Jam World Finals in Vegas March 20-22.