Tell us why you workout to win 20 boxing and conditioning classes at Boxing Is For Girls.

Eliza James training a client, photo by Adam Finkle

Eliza James' BIFG has been in Sugar House for eight years, focusing on boxing for extreme cardio workouts.

James started boxing to cross train with running marathons, and it gave her the body she wanted. Now, Utahns box with James and her trainers. Along with hitting training mitts and bags (not faces), clients work out with weight machines, a power runner and the Makoto, a machine measuring boxers' reaction time and power.

University of Utah football defensive end Nate Orchard and University of New Mexico linebacker Dakota Cox are clients, along with Austenland writer and director Jerusha Hess. "Filmmaking is stressful. This is how I blow off steam," Hess says. "It's like therapy. I can punch out my feelings."


Here's your chance to punch out your feelings at BIFG. Tell us in the comments below what inspires you to workout and get healthy. You'll be entered to win 20 rounds of their Boxing and Conditioning class. 

Make sure to leave your email in the designated field or the comment itself, so we can get a hold of you. We will pick a winner on April 14, 2014.

Boxing Is For Girls, 1983 South 1100 East, SLC, 801-484-8269.

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