Outlets are a necessity in the function of a home, especially a kitchen.  But they can also be unsightly when no thought is given to the appearance.  Take this photo, for an example.  The white outlet on the black island stands out like a sore thumb!

There are several ways to incorporate outlets into the design.  It can be easily done with a little advanced-planning.

1.  Color-matching.  

photo by enzy design

photo by enzy design

Lutron offers several different colors and finishes for outlets and switches.  Choose something that blends with the background color to make the outlet seem to disappear.

2.  Hide the Outlets using plugmold, either tucked under a wall cabinet, or tucked under the overhang of a countertop.

photo by enzy design

3.  Make the outlets a part of the design.  
Adorne by legrand has a collection of outlets in stylish shapes, colors, patterns, and finishes.  These could be coordinated with the tile as a part of the backsplash design.

custom plate designed by enzy design

Nicole Zeigler Google , CKBR, Allied ASID, NCIDQ is the owner / lead designer at enzy design,LLC; specializing in kitchen & bathroom design and residential remodeling.  www.enzydesign.com

This article was originally published on utahstyleanddesign.com.