Congressional Award, 4th District Honorable Mention, Hunter Young, "Gold Medal," Herriman High School

For proof Utah has as much creative prowess as anywhere else, look no further than Springville, one of Utah’s premiere art museums, and their annual All-State High School show.

The Springville Museum of Art has been hosting the show for 42 years, in an effort to encourage talent among aspiring artists throughout the state. 

"What stood out to me up front was the amount of very ambitious watercolors," says Nick Stephens, a local artist and one of the jury members for the show. "I was excited to see several representational pieces by artists that seemed to already have a unique style developed."

Congressional Award, 1st District Award Winner, Jonathan Wright, "Capitol Pillars," Ogden High School

The show is intended to give young artists a taste of competition in a professional forum. Each school in the state is given a certain number of entries, based on their enrollment, for 11th and 12th grade students. Those entries are then displayed for the duration of the show, where they are viewed by hundreds every year. School groups make the trip to see their classmates’ art, as well as proud parents and a curious public.

"I especially loved that there were several nonobjective pieces that had very beautiful compositions," Stephens said. "To work successfully in the abstract realm is something I didn't learn until college. Having worked in many different types of media, I also want to recognize the painstaking detail and beauty of the sometimes overlooked jewelry and 3D pieces that are in this show."

Congressional Award, 1st District Honorable Mention, Lindsey Kimball, "Fruit Stand," Sky View High School

The truly remarkable pieces will be given various prizes by esteemed local artists that make up the show’s jury. This year’s jury also features Fletcher Booth, Anne Gregerson, Matt Larsen, Ian Ramsay and Christina Smith. Awards could include cash prizes, or special recognition at the Utah State Capitol Building. The four Congressional Districts select award winners representing their district from the high school show, and display them for one year in Washington D.C. in a pedestrian tunnel.

Susan Swartz Scholarship, Sarah Pagels, "Doe Eyed Seduction," West High School

Following the awards ceremony, all high school art will remain on display until March 26. A traveling show will then commence, sponsored by the Utah Division of Arts and Museums. Certain works from the show will be displayed in museums, galleries, libraries and schools throughout Utah.

Award winners will be announced this Saturday, March 8, at the museum.