As the fleet of food trucks gradually grows larger in Salt Lake, it's interesting to see which ones have stuck it out and which have folded. having spent an afternoon slinging Korean tacos on SuAn Chow's Chow Truck, I can testify that this is a harder job than it might first appear. To stay in business requires an enormous amount of energy, good will and very comfortable shoes. 

So it's nice to see that Saturday's Waffle, which I wrote about several years ago, is still dishing out delicious waffles on Saturdays. Of course, that one day a week schedule might be the secret to its longevity. 

I have a special fondness for SW because of their incredibly charming vintage trailer—we have a 1956 Shasta and I love to see other canned hams on the road.

Currently owners Richard and Mike operate every Saturday at the Olympus Hills parking lot (roughly 3800 S Wasatch Blvd) from 8-12 and also in the new Meiers Meats and Fine Foods grocery store in Highland from 8-1 (also every Saturday).

Regular favorites include the Bananas Foster, The Capresé, The Benny, and The Urban Lumberjack, but during March they're gjiving a Belgian waffle nod to Ireland with  "The Blarney"—corned beef hash, Dubliner cheese, and a horseradish dill sauce with a soft poached egg. Bring your own Guinness to go with.

Erin go bragh.