The more life demands, the more it feels like there is not enough energy for everything on your to-do list. It's common to take a mid-day coffee or energy drink to recharge and continue to go-go-go. Yet, as productive as these energy bursts may seem, they can actually heighten stress and add to the fluster of productivity—not to mention the downward spiral crash when the high wears out. 

Chillax is asking you to reconsider that cup of joe.  

Jason Payne and Joey Woodward came up with the idea for Chillax, their relaxation drink, in Utah two years ago. After Payne's father started his own herbal company, the two realized the benefits of losing the tension to increase productivity. This ultimately led to the development of a two-ounce shot aimed to help people with every day stresses. 

It may seem counter-productive to relax in the middle of the day when trying to get things done, but hear them out.

"We want for people to take it before they take a big test, go into a meeting or if they're having a really hectic day," Payne says. "What we found is a lot of people want to get amped up to get things done, but we're trying to take the opposite approach. Why not take a mid-day relaxation shot that helps you keep calm, stay focused and be efficient?"

Chillax is entirely made of natural herbs and ingredients. Their motto: "Drink to the mind, body, and soul." It also contains zero calories, zero sugar, zero carbohydrates. Just like with any drink it affects different bodies differently, so try it out first and find out if it makes you more sleepy than relaxed and use accordingly. "See how it makes you feel," Payne says. "We've had nothing but positive reviews on it."

Chillax is currently in 25 to 30 stores throughout the valley and growing. Look for the mellow yellow/green wrapping.