UME, KILBY COURT, Thursday, March 27, 7 p.m., $8

The first time I heard Ume, the reaction was pretty immediate, and pretty typical of how I react when I get exposed to another raw, straightforward, guitar-bass-drums trio: "Hell ya!" The Texas trio leans toward the bluesy and metallic at times, and hooky, harmony-laden tunes reminiscent of '80s so-called "college rock" at others. I could see fans of everyone from Throwing Muses to Heartless Bastards to Cream and Hendrix  totally digging the new album, Monuments, if they never heard Ume's excellent 2011 debut, Phantoms. Lauren Larson has a fine rock and roll voice, and a mean way with guitar riffage, while her husband Eric and drummer Rachel Fuhrer hold down the rhythm section. I Hear Sirens and Grass open the show.