Until recently, going to the neighborhood bar in Park City meant fighting for parking and ponying up among tourists on Main Street. So when Jesse Shetler, proprietor of Park City’s No Name Saloon and Butcher’s Chophouse, opened a new bar and restaurant off the main drag in November 2013, the news quickly circulated around the ‘hood. 

And while Boneyard Saloon & Kitchen may be out of sight for those driving by, it’s anything but out of mind for those who have stopped to visit.

Heading up Boneyard Saloon’s kitchen is former Chez Betty owner and chef Jerry Garcia, a rockstar of the culinary world who bears no relation to the singer. Garcia’s fine-dining flair brings a whole new element to Boneyard’s bar food menu, tweaking pub favorites to create flavorful twists like a mushroom stroganoff burger, a Rocky Mountain game stew or saucy baby back ribs. In all fairness, Garcia’s upscale comfort food might get a little help thanks to the saloon’s pinnacle kitchen appliance, a wood-fired grill. “Any meat or seafood we’re cooking is coming off that wood-fired grill, so you’re getting flavors that you can't get in gas grills,” Shetler says.

Boneyard Saloon’s culinary flavor, well-stocked bar and contemporary ambiance are more symbolic with Main Street style than its actual location in Bonanza, a central district flanked by residential neighborhoods from every side. And that, Shetler explains, was the motive for the new digs. “The move to Bonanza was meant to provide a bar-restaurant-gastro-pub style establishment for the residents in Park City,” Shetler says. “Between Thaynes Canyon, Park Meadows, Prospector and Iron Horse, that’s 70 percent of Park City’s population.”

Additionally, the former lumberyard-turned-restaurant (a space also shared by Blind Dog Restaurant) is a precursor to the change that will soon happen in the Bonanza District in the coming years. A major urban redevelopment plan is expected to add more dining, retail and commercial businesses, and Boneyard is leading the way, already attracting a packed bar full of locals—even on a weekday evening.

But for the popularity of this watering hole, it’s still very much the new neighbor on the block. Shetler has yet to debut the 1,700-square-foot rooftop patio and additional ground-level patio, which will open in time for Park City’s short-lived al fresco season. An adjacent wine bar and more formal restaurant, featuring an open kitchen design and an entirely different menu, is roughly 6 months away. Even the saloon’s current bar ambiance will evolve over the next few months, settling into more of an eccentric dining and drinking venue.

Until then, welcome to the neighborhood, Boneyard.

Boneyard Saloon & Kitchen, kitchen stays open from 11 a.m.–1 a.m., 1251 Kerns Blvd., Park City, 435-649-0911