Stealing your boyfriend's baseball caps, sweatshirts and t-shirts is basically a girlfriend's rite of passage. And with the latest trend in denim, you could even add his jeans to that list. (I mean, if they fit. Otherwise, you really should get your own and just fake it.)

Boyfriend jeans offer a more relaxed fit with just a little slouch, and with their well-worn softness they're giving skinny jeans a run for their money. Give them a neatly rolled cuff or a half cuff that looks a little more undone and accordian-like, and pair them with flats or heels for a more ladylike look.

From left:

Alexa Skinny Crop: Cake Boutique

Ankle Rolled Boyfriend: Express

1969 Destructed Sexy Boyfriend: Gap

Destroyed Boyfriend Jean, Light Roxy Wash: J.Crew