Brandon Burk Photography, courtesy of Bellington Manor

Debra Peterson, owner of Bellington Manor, has learned a thing or two over her 30 years in the wedding industry. What began as a catering business transformed into a full-blown wedding operation when she purchased the Chantilly Mansion in 1995. The rest, as they say, is history 

Now, Peterson is taking her expertise to Northern Utah with Bellington Manor, an Ogden landmark rich with history.

In 1893, David Eccles purchased land in what's now known as Eccles Circle to keep his sons close to home. Rumor has it Leroy Eccles, one of David's sons, built Bellington Manor after he realized his home was not the largest on the block. The Manor was larger than life—in both architecture and price. The cost was over $100,000, which today would be over $2.5 million. While the Manor has gone through many owners since then, it has remained a local gem.

Brandon Burk Photography, courtesy of Bellington Manor

Later, the building became most famously known for the Weber Club, which was housed in the basement. Ogden businessmen would visit after work to relax (families were welcome only for holidays or special occasions). With this knowledge in mind, Petersen has decided to restore the Weber Club basement for the general public. Stop by when it opens later this year.

For couples, Bellington Manor offers the ideal fairy-tale wedding. Peterson understands weddings are a bride and groom's once upon a time, and there is only one day to get it right. For this reason, Peterson prides herself in having a well-trained staff. "When the staff is brought on, I tell all of them that we have to be open to correctiveness and up until that event occurs, we always have a chance to make it better," she says. "So by the time the event comes, we know it is absolutely the best that it can be."

Recognizing the talent of her staff was what initially propelled her to expand and purchase Bellington Manor. In turn, Bellington Manor is now meeting the needs for reception centers in Northern Utah. 

Brandon Burk Photography, courtesy of Bellington Manor

Peterson has a strong commitment to originality. "I have never been a person that likes to do the same thing twice. And in the wedding industry, sometimes it's easier, especially for a reception center, to do the same thing over and over again," she says. "But I have endless ideas, limitless resources, and a staff that's able to pull it off. We really challenge ourselves with that and look to make it so that every single wedding has that bride and groom's signature on it. It is not interchangeable with anyone else—it becomes their signature, their wedding, their day."

Yes, Peterson will gladly say that she is married to her job (all puns intended), but her dedication and love for Bellington Manor should be a comforting thought for any bride and groom looking to find the ideal place to tie the knot. 

Bellington Manor at the Historic Eccles Estate, 1029 25th Street, Ogden.