Brad Larkin, co-owner of Argenta

We've all trekked back up the stairs to turn off a light, but what if our phones could do it for us? Or better yet, our house? Argenta can make it happen. Along with home theaters and audio, they offer automatic everything for your home. You may never have to turn off a light again.

"Most people have more technology in their pocket than they do running their entire home," says co-founder Brad Larkin. But just like you want your phone in sync with your computer, Argenta can make your home in sync with you. Next time you get home with an armful of groceries, your house can disarm your security system, unlock the door, turn on the lights and tune in your favorite Pandora radio station before you reach the kitchen.

An automated home may sound like a bigger electrical bill, but it can actually save money. If you leave a door or window open, your thermostat can be set to change accordingly, saving you energy. And lightbulbs can be set to 90 percent, lowering your electric bill.

Argenta is not just about ease and economy, but safety as well. They can give you a lit pathway from your bed to the bathroom if you need to go late at night. And if your kids forget to lock up the house, you can do it from your phone.

Ten years ago, home automation may have been upwards of $50,000, but now, you can get a lot done for less than $5,000. And if clients give Argenta access to their home, they can fix most issues from the office instead of charging cutomers to send someone to their home.

Also known for home theaters, Argenta has the largest selection of theater seats around. Unlike competitors, they've structured their showroom so that you only have to visit one theater to see all of your options, making it easier to make an informed purchase. 

If it's electronic and you want it in your home, it's their goal to get it for you.

Non profits can often use Argenta's showrooms free of charge. The company will be featured in the Parade of Homes this summer. For more information, visit their websiteArgenta is located right off I-15 at the 9000 South exit. Bring your family for an impromptu tour.