Hey, guys. Raise your hand if this sounds familiar: You'd like to be on-trend with the hip, sockless look while sporting sneakers or boat shoes, but gosh dang it, that sweaty swamp foot is inevitable unless you have some sort of barrier between your stinky foot and your shoe. Not to mention the fact that just one good sweat inside a shoe is enough to tarnish it's condition forever.

So you invest in a pair of no-show socks or borrow your sister's. But most often that means trading the squishy shoe sensation for an equally unpleasant bunched up wad of sock under the arch of your foot.

Such was the dilemma of Kory Stevens, founder of Wimbleys, a line of classy no-show socks that not only serves to avoid the dreaded swamp food, but actually stays on your foot. The brand recently launched on Kickstarter.com, a website that encourages the public to act as backers for a variety of independent projects like Kory's.

I chatted with Kory this week to get the low-down on such a novel concept for footwear.

SLM: What inspired you to start making Wimbleys? 
KS: I have been wearing girl's no-show socks since I was in middle school. They are always that sheer, nude-colored material and I never wanted anyone to see what I had on underneath my shoes. After I graduated from BYU last year, I had the thought to solve this problem. I knew I wasn't alone and I knew men would be attracted to a cooler way to get the sockless look. 

SLM: What's the significance behind the brand name? 
KS:Wimbleys was inspired by two of my passions: soccer and tennis. Wembley Stadium in London and the Wimbledon tennis tournament. It has the right vibe for a cool sock line. 

SLM: Are your socks just for men or both men and women? 
KS: I initially designed the patterns and cut of these socks to be for men. I knew it was a bigger problem for men because women have better options out there. Since we launched on Kickstarter, women have been very vocal about wanting us to create a better no-show sock for them as well. As of right now, we offer men's socks, but in the near future, things may be different. 

SLM: Do they come in different sizes? 
KS: We only offer one size. These socks fit men's sizes 8-14 comfortably. If/when we expand to women's sizes, they will obviously be smaller and work for the majority of women. 

SLM: What makes them unique compared to other no-show socks? 
KS: Most other no-show socks come in plain, boring colors and never stay up on your feet. We wanted to design the best no-show sock ever made. Wimbleys socks never show, never slip down your heel, and will give men the confidence they need to kick off their shoes whenever they want. The most unique feature is the patterned silicone in the heel. This took me a long time to perfect, but it is the secret sauce to how we keep these socks up all day long. 

SLM: What are your plans for Wimbleys once the campaign on Kickstarter.com is over? 
KS: My focus from the beginning has been on execution after the Kickstarter is finished funding. Our website is almost complete. Customers will be able to pre-order and purchase the socks directly from our website, and the product is perfected and production is primed and ready to get these socks in retail stores throughout the country as soon as we can get wholesale orders.  
You can purchase Wimbleys now by visiting the Kickstarter website, here, clicking the green "back this project" button, and making your selection. In a few weeks, they will also be available at Wimbleys.com.
Kory Stevens, founder of Taft Clothing and Wimbleys