Ask any woman about her beauty tools, and chances are she'll admit she has a collection. The beauty tool spectrum can typically range anywhere from makeup brushes to every kind of curling iron known to man, and somewhere in the middle is a hair dryer.

But just like many things in life, when it comes to beauty tools, sometimes less really is more. If you'd like to simplify your everyday routine and free up some cabinet space in your bathroom, here's a list of 5 tools that are worth keeping in your beauty arsenal at all times. 

HAIR DRYER (perhaps one that's ceramic or ionic): Of course this is a necessary beauty appliance regardless of hair type or length. But is there a difference in the stuff of grocery stores and the more pricey variety? The answer is yes. Ceramic and ionic hair dryers may be a bit more expensive, but you benefit from a shorter drying time and negative ion emitting technology from these dryers leaves your hair more shiny, not fried.

Salon-quality dryers also offer more options for heat and speed settings, which is a plus when it comes to styling.

Rusk W8Less Ceramic and Tourmaline 2000 Watt Dryer, Ulta

2-SIDED STANDING MIRROR: Not only is this tool a huge benefit when it comes to applying your makeup (one side is magnified and it stands on its own so both hands are free), but it's also vital for checking out the back of your head when you're styling your hair. Becuase, really, you should always know what you look like from behind.

Chrome 2 Sided Standing Mirror, Got Beauty

SKIN CARE TOOL: Are you a zit picker? Stop it. Stop it, stop it, stop it. Picking and squeezing the life out of your face does nothing but increase scarring and spread bacteria, causing more zits. If you must get rid of whiteheads and blackheads, take the route professionals use and invest in a skin care tool for extracting. Apply a hot washcloth to the area to open the pores, or wait until a whitehead has broken open, then gently drag the wire loop across the blemish to release the stuff inside.

Tweezerman Pink Perfection Skin Care Tool

SONIC SKIN CLEANSING BRUSH: Washing your face with cleanser and your hands doesn't always remove all the dirt, oil and makeup that's there. A sonic cleansing brush leaves it feeling squeaky clean, and it's proven to remove more of the gross stuff. A tip: wash your makeup off first and then wash a second time with the sonic brush, so you're only driving the clean stuff into your skin.

Clarisonic Mia 2, Macy's

FLAT IRON WITH 1" PLATES: Flat irons aren't just for straightening your hair anymore. With a narrow plated iron, you can even get soft ringlet curls or flip the ends of your hair in or out. For a how-to on curling with a flat iron, see this post.

GHD Classic 1 Inch Styler Flat Iron, Sephora