3form Director of Sustainability, Mike Johnson

Along with their amazing and stunning building materials, 3form has become known as a local leader for going green, but when Director of Sustainability Mike Johnson joined the team, he took things a step further.

“One of the platforms we had was zero waste to landfill, and that initiative was put into place back in 2007,” says Johnson, who started at the company in September 2013. 3form achieved its goal of eliminating landfill waste by increasing recycling and diverting other waste to facilities that incinerate it to make energy. “And the next generational leap forward was becoming a zero waste initiative in general.” 

In other words, Johnson wants to put an end to all of 3form's waste. 

Johnson admits the company has a long way to go before they reach that goal, but their new Reform initiative is a step in the right direction.

“One of our waste streams was products that were coming out of our manufacturing facilities that didn’t meet first-quality specifications,” Johnson says. “Anytime there’s really any imperfection whatsoever, those can not go out to the customer. We have very strict restrictions on quality control.” While the undamaged portions of rejected materials were being put back into the marketplace through the company’s Reclaim program, anything with a slight scratch or dent was being tossed out. 

Now, through Reform, the slightly damaged materials are for sale online.

“When we went live on the website, before we said anything to anybody, we had our first two sold within 12 hours,” Johnson says. The materials are hot buys among artists, art teachers and do-it-yourselfers. 

3form Director of Sustainability Mike Johnson and CEO Talley Goodson looking at the company's waste and thinking up ways to cut it down.

Reform’s official launch will be held on May 3 at the Live Green SLC! Festival, where 3from will show guests how they can use the material to make things like bowls, jewelry, coasters and night lights.

Festival-goers are welcome to learn about 3form's other green initiatives, too, like using recycled content to build products and their goal of complete carbon neutrality, along with asking about some of those stunning materials (see them at Landis Salon and Finca).

In the meantime, you can learn more about 3form's sustainability programs by reading their blog, Translucency.