Photo courtesy of Salt Lake Bees

Summer time means watching the alpenglow creep up the Wasatch Range while sipping a cold brew at a Salt Lake Bees’ game, and later gazing up as fireworks light the sky with sparkly pops of violet, red and green. 

The field, currently known as Smith’s Ballpark, is arguably the country’s most visually stunning baseball field, with a spectacular mountain view that has distracted pitchers, hecklers and score-sheet keepers since opening pitch in 1994.

The Bees were organized in 1915, but moved to LA in 1926. It wasn't until 1958 that a new team swarmed into Salt Lake, but it soon withdrew from the league. SLC’s third resurrection of the Bees came in 1970.

Soon the team's name started changing: It was the Angels in 1970, Gulls in 1975. The Gulls abandoned Utah in the mid-80s, but by the '90s it was the Buzz to match the Jazz, the Grizz hockey team and the short-lived Starzz WNBA team. Unfortunately, Buzz was already the trademark of Georgia Tech's beloved mascot. And under threat of legal action, Buzz became Stingers in 1998 until Larry H. Miller bought the team in 2005 and reverted to the time-honored Bees.

Before this season, Smith's Ballpark had been called SpringMobile Ballpark, Franklin Covey and Franklin Quest Field.

But whatever you call the team or the ballpark, Salt Lake baseball is not all about the runs and outs—it's also a time for picnicking on the grassy outfield, juggling your beer and your hot dog with catching foul balls and watching a Wasatch sunset. 

2014 home games with fireworks

July 4 vs. El Paso

July 5 vs. El Paso

July 23 vs. Reno

July 24 vs. Reno

Aug. 9 vs. El Paso

Aug. 22 vs. Round Rock

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