It’s ok to fool people, as long as you’re doing it to teach them a lesson on how the real world works.

That the credo of James “The Amazing” Randi, the subject of local filmmaker Tyler Measom and Justin Weinstein’s new documentary An Honest Liar

The film made its Utah premiere at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center on May 7. So far, Utah is one of only a handful of states to screen the film. And based on the complex audience questions during the Q&A session with Measom, Randi fans came out of the woodwork to fill the theater.

Born in 1928 and leaving home at 17 to join a carnival, Randi was inspired by magician Harry Blackstone to become a magician and escape artist himself. Like Houdini, he turned into a famous debunker, taking on psychics, faith healers and anyone else conning the public by “supernatural” means.

The film includes interviews with Randi and his lover Jose Alvarez, along with Adam Savage of MythBusters, Penn and Teller, Alice Cooper and magicians inspired by Randi. Measom and Weinstein chose a subject offering great archival footage, which is beautifully edited into the film. 

There’s not a dry moment in the film, and by the end, there’s not a dry eye in the theater. Along with showing how Randi exposed faith healer Peter Popoff and psychokinetic Uri Geller, the film uncovers Alvarez’s deception and the heartbreak that follows.

An Honest Liar is planned for dozens of film festivals around the world. Unfortunately, Measom says Sundance won’t be one of them. Hopefully, the Utah Film Center will schedule another screening of the film for the hundred or so who were turned away from the packed theater.

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