You tolerate the sweaty mank of your packed Bikram Yoga class because the heat improves your health and overall mood. Nonetheless, it's hard to channel the vibrant energy each pose suggests when your senses are assaulted with the sound of passing cars or the stench of effort wafting off your spandex-clad compatriots. You can mask these distractions by playing a 10-hour track of nature sounds—tracks with fantastically alliterative names like "babbling brook" and "soothing stream"—or by covering your studio walls with bamboo and majestic wall art.

Even these solutions, however, are a form of dishonesty. A dissemblance that disrupts the very soul of Yoga. So while any attempt at meditation or relaxation is worthwhile, doesn't it make sense to connect sequences like Sun Salutation to that moment when light pours into a vast and tranquil valley? Or to feel your roots join thousands of others as you become one more tree in the forest? This is the logic that birthed Yoga in the Wild, a group that leads a variety of themed adventures into the dramatic landscapes of Southern Utah.

Expeditions can be single- or multi-day experiences into Goblin Valley that involve hiking, meditation, good vegetarian food, and (of course) yoga. Each day on the longer excursions has a specific itinerary with group activities and guided bouts of canyoneering, but in the spirit of relaxation these trips always allow for ample free time. Yoga in the Wild is worthwhile for practitioners of all skill levels, and promises to be an unforgettable retreat from the daily tumult of life.

Currently, the themed Yoga hikes focus on transition, marking the transformation from spring into summer, which reflects the shifts in our lives. With those changes in mind, make a transition in your own Yoga routine and take your asanas outside.

For more information regarding Yoga in the Wild, visit their website.

Images courtesy Get in the Wild