Spring is the season for spandex bibs and soul crushing rides up the canyon; but when the morning temperatures climb above 75 degrees it's time to turn around and point your pedal bobbing beast in the direction your suspension intended—over rocks, off roots and downhill.

To assist you in this endeavor, your favorite resorts for skiing and snowboarding are firing up the lifts once more. Since you won't be gasping for oxygen when your comfy chair reaches the top of the following mountain bike meccas, it should be easier to remember to yield to those poor folks granny gearing up the trail.

Sundance Resort, now open for summer

Photo courtesy of Sundance Resort Blog

Nestled behind Mount Timpanogas and up Provo Canyon, Sundance opens for summer nearly a full month before other resorts. Housing 25+ miles of singletrack and some incredible views, any trip to Robert Redford's wilderness escape is worth the $23 day pass. Expert riders need to drop into to Upper Bobsled to test out the best ride Sundance has to offer. Trails vary from skilled beginner to expert, with the majority falling squarely into the intermediate category.

Canyons Resort, open for summer June 12

Photo courtesy of Canyons Resort

Say hello to over 20 miles of singletrack and the only lift serviced flow park in Utah. For riders who want to get extra rowdy, Canyons—where full face helmets, neck braces and pressure suits are the norm rather than the exception—has been calling your name for years now. Answer the call by stomping down the berms of Rally Cat, a classic downhill track that rewards speed and audacity. Lift passes run $32 for adults and include access to the Red Pine Gondola and both the High Meadow and Short Cut chairlifts.

Deer Valley Resort, open for summer June 13

Photo courtesy of Deer Valley Resort

Deer Valley offers 70 miles of lift serviced bike trails and general access to over 400 miles of flowing singletrack. Rated one of the top five best bike parks in the Rocky Mountains, Deer Valley sells $40 day passes for adults, which give riders 10 a.m.–5 p.m. service on three different chairlifts. The Homeward Bound trail hosts a number of manmade stunts and features for skilled bikers, but if you're looking for a simple joyride, try Naildriver.