This one's got it all—hikers, bikers, dogs, running water, an easy trail and beautiful sunsets.

Distance: Depends how long you want to make it. Seven miles out and back to Big Rock, 13 miles out and back to Rudy's Flat or a 13 mile loop circling around on North Canyon.

Elevation gain: 1,900 feet

Time: This can be an epic hike or a short one for some great views and an early return. About two and a half hours to get some great views looking back at the sunset after work.

Trail: The trail is actually very easy. If you're on a bike, it's got some climbs that are probably easier on foot, but if you have anywhere above average leg strength, it should be a piece of cake. This hike offers some incredible views without a ton of work getting to them. Toward the start, you can look back and see some of the beautiful dream homes built into the mountainside. 

Who you'll see: Other hikers, mountain bikers, dogs and trail runners—lots of trail runners.

How to get there: Head north on I-15 and take the 2600 South exit. Head east till the road becomes Orchard Drive. Keep going (through curves and all) till you can make a right on 1800 South. Drive past the fancy residences and you'll see signs for the trail head just ahead.

Notable: Beautiful luxury homes are not too far up the hill from the trailhead. Bring a camera. We ran into a rattlesnake last time we went, which is really rare, but be on the lookout.

Apres-hike: Cold beer and a game of darts at the Downunder Club, 544 W. 400 North, Bountiful