Pivotal life moments deserve a party, and at HUB801 events, they get the attention they deserve. 

President Judy Jackson ran events around the world before partnering with Daniel Cook and Don Mahoney of BGW, an architectural firm that designs and builds Christian churches and schools. Together they built HUB801, the first of many event centers to come, in Ogden. 

The center’s 25,000-square-foot building was renovated from a 1940s Coca-Cola bottling facility. When Jackson first saw the facility, she knew just what to do. “I see an event instantaneously, and I see the big picture and what needs to be done,” Jackson says, who first observed people’s movements in the building. “It’s a beautiful space with a phenomenally great flow.”

Any event can be done, from quinceañeras to weddings to business meetings, and much more. The building’s seven rooms can be rented together, or the building can be divided for smaller events to be held at the same time. “We have the ability to have 400 people for a sit-down dinner,” Jackson says, “and we have a large stage that could easily fit a 12-piece band.” 

What really sets HUB801 apart? Their lighting and audio/visual technology, which allows you to make your event unique, complete with surround sound and a HD sound studio. 

Lighting creates the mood, and you can set any mood you want with over 1,000 color choices. Cameras move to capture the whole event, and can live stream content worldwide for deployed fathers who want to see their daughter’s wedding, or a businessman who can’t fly in but still wants to be part of a meeting.

HUB801 may have only opened their doors about four weeks ago, but Ogden is loving it. “People come in and say it’s something they’ve never experienced before,” Jackson says. 

HUB801 Events is located at 3525 Riverdale Road in Ogden. Visit hub801.com or call 801-409-1076 to book your event.