Restaurant entrepreneur Scott Evans just called with big news; He has bought the cool old downtown building where Lemon Grass used to be (327 W 200 South) and will be moving his popular Finca restaurant to the new (old) location from its current location on 1100 East (across from Liberty Heights Fresh) this fall.

I'm excited.

And not just because Finca will be closer to where I live. Evans, as always, has a big bold vision for the new space. Well, it has to be a big vision because he has 15,000 square feet to play with with. Besides Finca, he's planning a third restaurant to his hit duo of Finca and Pago; this place will serve three meals a day, "sort of a modern diner" is how Evans describes the idea. Plus Charming Beard will have a small coffee shop there, and all of it will open off a "hotel-style" lobby. Evans is working with City Home Collective to design the space, so it's pretty much guaranteed to be wonderful–innovative use of vintage spaces is Cody Derrick's specialty.

Look for an opening date in October-November; meanwhile, Finca will remain open.