We can hear Fox News now: If Benghazi and the Bergdahl swap wasn’t bad enough, now Obama is making the National Parks a refuge for terrorists.

National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis Friday signed a policy prohibiting operating unmanned aircraft on lands and waters administered by the National Park Service. 

“We have serious concerns about the negative impact that flying unmanned aircraft is having in parks, so we are prohibiting their use until we can determine the most appropriate policy that will protect park resources and provide all visitors with a rich experience.”

Rangers have already seized unmanned aircraft in Zion after a herd of bighorn sheep were buzzed.

But isn't this just a conspiracy to undermine drone strikes by drones against Al Qada operatives when they hide in Arches, Zion or the rest of Utah’s Mighty 5 national parks?

We're joking about "America's Best Idea" becoming terrorist refuges, of course—

But is that anymore ridiculous than the Carbon County Commission's a recent resolution that federal cops would be viewed as a "threat to the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Carbon County."?

The resolution came out of fears that an proposal to put Nine Mile Canyon on the National Register of Historic Places would lead to its becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site and that ultimately would result in United Nations jurisdiction over Carbon County. Your basic domino effect.

First, we aren't making this up. Second, wouldn't a little U.N. supervision over that notorious speed trap on US 6 in Wellington be a good thing?