When it comes to fitness, we look for the fastest, most effective and safest way to change our bodies for the better. And that’s Pure Barre

Carrie Rezabek Dorr started Pure Barre in 2001 in Birmingham, MI, and since then more than 200 studios have opened across the country, making it the largest, most established barre franchise in the nation. 

Stephanie Blodgett, owner of the studio in Draper, discovered Pure Barre as a client in Lexington, Kentucky in 2007. “I fell in love with it after the first class and saw results about six classes afterwards,” Blodgett says. “I’d just had a baby, so it was huge that I saw results that quickly.”

A year later she was asked to begin teaching. After relocating to Salt Lake City, she was awarded the Draper franchise, which has been open for about two years now. “It was a a nice escape from my reality, because I had five kids under the age of 3 and a half including triplets," she says.

The Pure Barre workout itself is rigorous and challenging, which leads to great results. “We focus on parts of the body that women struggle with the most,” Blodgett says, “and that would be the hips, feet, thighs, abs, seat, calves, back of the arms, you name it.” 


While the name may fool you, it’s not a dance class by any means. The ballet bars that line the room are mainly there for balance. “The dancing portion is more dancer inspired, meaning you come out with a dancers body. You’re not doing pirouettes or anything like that,” Blodgett says. The workout begins with a warmup, then focuses on the arms, then feet, then thighs and finishes with abdominal work. “It’s a very challenging workout,” Blodgett says, “and the music is motivating and keeps the class exciting.”

Why is the workout so challenging? The movements are very small and isometric, and the muscles are worked for a long period of time until they begin to shake. “We stretch after each section, so they get lengthened,” Blodgett says. “It eliminates the bulk, so women are walking out with a lean, longer look.”

Don’t let the intensity of the workout scare you. Pure Barre lite offers the class at a slower pace, but that's not all. "We recommend that anybody come in to any class that we offer. We can modify or make more advanced anything that’s done in class,” Blodgett says.

With a client age range of ages 18–75, it offers something for everyone. “A lot of older people like it because it’s low impact. Surgeons recommend Pure Barre because it strengthens muscle,” Blodgett says.


What also makes Pure Barre truly unique is its benefits for the mind. “It requires you to think about what your body is doing the whole time,” Blodgett says. “I think women really enjoy it because it’s an escape from their reality. They can’t think about their personal life and what they have to do after class. For an hour they dedicate their brains and body to what they need to do to make their workout effective.”

Her favorite part? “It’s a great group of women, and it’s amazing to see the great changes that are happening with their lives and their bodies. They feel better about themselves. They’re proud. It gives them confidence.” 

Pure Barre is located at 280 E. 12300 South, Suite 104, in Draper.

Sign up for a class here. Visit purebarre.com/UT-draper or call 801-523-6215 for more information.