Salt Lake has had two incidents in a week that speak to the boundlessness of doggie love.

Last week, during the search for a missing child who turned out not to be missing after all, a SLC cop confronted a neighbor's Weimaraner, who goes by the name Geist, while searching its owner's backyard. 

It has yet to be determined exactly what went down between officer and dog, but the cop shot Geist in the head. The owner, naturally, was appalled and now wants the officer fired. Animal friends groups are calling on the SLPD to give officers training in how to deal with strange dogs, before turning to gun violence. It's probably not a bad idea for cops state-wide, considering the amount of cop vs. dog shootings that go on.

Dog lovers plan a Justice for Geist rally outside the new police center on Saturday. 

You've got to wonder when was the last time this community was this enraged by a questionable police shooting of a human

At the other end of the spectrum:

Salt Lake firefighters mounted a mountain rescue mission to retrieve two dogs who were dying of dehydration because their human companion had not brought along enough water. One dog was dead when rescuers arrived, but they brought the other canine down on a special mountain gurney. (Things obviously could have gone horribly different, of course, had SL police been summoned instead of firefighters.)

Sorry, but I've got to wonder what that doggie rescue mission cost and who will pay for it. Of course, it's worth a million dollars in community goodwill and so much sexier than a cat in a tree.