You can forgive many Utahns, particularly Utah County residents, for thinking the last days are upon us. Here are the signs:

— Utah’s ban against marriage equality gets punted by the U.S. 10th Circuit Court.

— Utah’s immigrant numbers reach one in five residents.

— Disciplining LDS feminist sisters only makes them more determined and the church look more ludicrous. Excommunicant Kelly, in an unfortunate metaphor, compares the church’s feminists to a many headed hydra: “Cut one head off and another grows in its place.” (Don’t tempt them, Kelly!)

— The Utah Liquor Control Board is blasted, even by conservative lawmakers, for the absurdity of threatening to ban beer from Oktoberfest!

— There’s more! The Davis Arts Council is sponsoring a July 25 concert by Indigo Girls in what is basically God's backyard! 

-- Add all that to rumors of World Cup cannibalism ...

It's obviously time to cue the Four Horsemen and the rain of frogs-and-snakes. (In fact, three of them—Sen. Jim Dabakis, Joan O’Brien and Pat Bagley— are in Washington, D.C., right now trying to over turn the deal that gave the Deseret News supremacy over The Salt Lake TribuneIn these Utahcalyptic times, even that could happen.