The Brigham City Museum of Art and History is one of our favorite museum/galleries in the state. It's not big and is housed modestly underneath the senior center in BC, but the collection and exhibits are always thoughtfully curated and striking. BCMAH is a example of bringing art to the community.

A case in point: the BCMAH is opening the International Quilt Invitational July 1 through Aug. 23. Though it's coincidentally opening it time for Fourth of July celebrations, this is an international show with award-winning participants Germany, England and Canada, not to mention 11 U.S. states. The featured quilter is Zena Thorpe from California (that's her quilt above).

For the newest wave of DIYers and "makers" (Craft Lake City DIY is Aug. 8-9), quilting at this level art should be a revelation.

A favorite Utah motif, Busy Bees and Friend, but by Karen Eckmeler, Connecticut.

Masquerade by Birgit Schuller, Germany.