Turn off the iPhone and strap on one of these hot watches.

We’ve had cell phones for decades now, so why haven’t watches disappeared? Is it aesthetics, prestige, or just nostalgia? They’ve been to space and been recovered from the Titanic, but watches haven’t changed that much in the last century. Whatever the reason, here are some classics and newbies to spice up your wardrobe.

Wear the descendent of Sir Edmund Hillary’s watch—the one he wore for the first-ever summit of Everest. Rolex Explorer, $6,550, O.C. Tanner, SLC

If you’re in it for the mechanics, try a Patek Philippe. Their annual calendar has the time, moon phase, date and comes in all white gold, of course. Patek Philippe Annual Calendar, $51,500, O.C. Tanner, SLC

Sprout is constantly changing their designs as they strive for the most eco-friendly and unique watches around. Sprout, prices and styles vary, Unhinged, Provo

If you’re not ready to forsake your Droid for the sake of tradition, Pebble meets you in the middle (and yes, it syncs with your phone). Pebble, $149.99, Best Buy

Whether you like trekking across the Alps or in your local park, the Suunto suits you. It monitors your heart rate, location and the weather. Suunto Vector HR Altimeter, $299, backcountry.com

The watch of the ‘80s is back. In fact, it never really left. It even has artists like Olaf Hajek to class it up. Swatch Flowerhead, $70, swatch.com

Meet the Expert

For Christopher Howard of Fankhauser Jewelry, it’s all about the insides. 

He got into the watch business through his love of mechanics, but for most people, watches are “just a status symbol,” Howard says. After all, your phone or $10 watch can keep time just fine, but a Rolex is still a Rolex.

If you want to jump on the status train, but don’t have thousands to shell out, Fankhauser sells vintage watches and jewelry—all refurbished by Howard.

1111 E. 2100 South, SLC, 801-467-5815

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