Wasatch Brewery and Squatters Pubs and Beers have been in business together for a long time as part of Utah Brewers Cooperative. Still, it's not that often you see Greg Schirf (founder of Wasatch and godfather of Utah brewpubs) and Peter Cole (co-founder of Squatters) in the same room.They were chumming around last week, drinking beer in honor of several things.

They've altered their business arrangement in ways that are too complicated for me to go into because I've got no head for the beer business, especially after a couple of beers: However, I totally get the big picture: more, better beer for Utah.

Both Squatters and Wasatch debuted new brews lately and at the same time, new branding, meaning a bold new look for both breweries, with the same irreverent sense of humor that's come to be a hallmark of both companies. Which are kind of the same brewery.

Never mind.

Check out the stylish new looks and the three new seasonal brews—Squatters' new Bumper Crop Honey Ale, which Schirf described as a “fun, hippie beer,”

Wasatch's Last One In Lager and Raspberry Wheat.