Ready for a trail less travelled by the runner/hiker/biker community? Enjoy the solitude on this peaceful trail while you ponder the meaning of life or just enjoy the view of Deer Creek.

Distance: The full trail is 7.5 miles. If you drop a car off at both ends, it can be a nice run along the lake. Otherwise, it can be as long as 15 miles. We recommend just making it an out and back and turning around when you’re ready.

Elevation gain: 400 feet, it’s pretty flat.

Time:  Bikers could get it done in less than 90 minutes, but if you’re taking in the view, plan on longer. I ran the 7.5 miles in about an hour and a half.

Trail: A few gradual ups and downs, but mostly flat, the trail runs the entire length of Deer Creek. You’ll have a view of the lake the entire time, which can be quite stunning, especially at sunset. Semi-loose gravel might be something to watch out for on a bike. Overall, the trail is wide and easy to follow.

Who you’ll see: People on the trail are few and far, but you will see wildlife including birds, crickets and maybe a bunny. You can also watch the water-skiers and wakeboarders down on the lake. 

How to get there: Drive up Provo Canyon and take the Provo/Jordan River Parkway turn off, right at the base of Deer Creek. Or start on the north end by driving into Soldier Hollow and parking there. It’s easier to find the trail on the south end, but it isn’t too hard either way, especially because the trail runs just up the hill from the railroad track. If you find one, you have found the other.

Notable: Sunset. You have a view of most of the lake and can practically watch the light dance across the water. If it were me, I would go later in the evening, but if that doesn’t float your boat, mornings are better than midday. The trail runs north/south and there isn’t much shade.

Apres-hike: Snow Cone at Hokulia Shave Ice shack, 1445 N Canyon Rd., Provo (or in Orem, next to Chili’s, 130 E University Pkwy).