If you happen to be browsing crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, you'll stumble on a lot of fundraisers benefitting all sorts of causes—local film and theater, medical treatments, shiny new products—the list goes on and on.

But what about a cause that benefits you or, more specifically, your pet?

Varsity Pets founder, Daniel Schulof's cause is the fight against canine obesity. "The published research shows that being just moderately overweight is deadlier for a dog than a lifetime of smoking is for a human," he says. "[But] more than half the dogs in America are overweight."

Daniel first became aware of the canine obesity epidemic when he searched for ways to help his overly-energetic Rottweiler "channel [his] energy into productive uses" through healthy exercise. "It blew my mind. It was a paradox really—dogs have never in history been more loved and cherished by their owners and yet there's this totally preventable disease that's killing more than half of them."

He decided to do something about it and started Varsity Pets. Through VP, Daniel has developed tools that everyday dog owners can use to monitor the health of their canine friends. Kibblr is an app with a wealth of data useful to dog owners—data that can be customized to your pet. After you enter your dog's information into the app, Kibblr tells you exactly what your dog needs—exercise, calories per day, types of food—you name it.

"Most dog food manufacturers aren't required to, and so don't provide calorie information on their labels," Daniel says.

The folks behind Kibblr have researched the ingredients from "every conceivable food" for your pooch and calculated the calories for you so you know exactly what and how much your dog should be eating.

Daniel has also written the book Fit Dogs Live Forever, a comprehensive bible on everything you'll need to know about caring for your dog's health.

The only thing VP is lacking are funds. Visit their indiegogo.com page and make a contribution, nay, an investment in healthy dogs. Only ten days are left to help them reach their goal of raising $35,000.