There's only two reasons a show like Jonah from Tonga could show up on HBO. 1. We have entered a very unfunny post-Borat entertainment landscape, and 2. HBO execs have never met a Tongan and possibly think they are a fictional people, like Swift's Yahoos.

How else could they air a program that promises to be the most ethnically offensive show on television? The title character is played by a white guy in brown face. Seriously. Try that on the new Bill Cosby show.  

The plot doesn't bridge any chasms of understanding either: Jonah Takalua, a rebellious Tongan teen, "just can't help himself when it comes to stirring up trouble." But through it all, "Jonah tries to leave his naughty ways behind and be a 'good boy,' but with Jonah, things never quite go as planned."

Salt Lake Tongans are appalled.

Richard Kaufusi, of the Utah's Tongan community, told KSL: "It's damaging, especially with an impressionable demographic they're trying to target.”

Of course, we could be wrong, the Daily Mail is excited:

"Jonah Takalua was arguably the most popular character on Chris Lilley's megapopular mockumentary series, Summer Heights HighAnd in May, the lovably defiant teen, played by Lilley, will be seen on his own spinoff show, Jonah From Tonga... It looks as though the 39-year-old Australian comic will be as crude, captivating and controversial as ever."