Utah Children’s Theatre announced the return of one of our favorite Shakespeare festivals, second to the big one in Cedar City, the Shakespeare Festival for Kids & Adults with Short Attention Spans.

The third annual fest runs Aug. 15–27. Here’s the rundown of this year’s plays (all condensed versions of the originals):

Digestible Shakespeare

Fast paced performance mixing The Bard’s original words with modern explanations. Sort of a Shakespeare primer. 

A Midsummer’s Night Dream

This one’s all about romance and fairy magic.

Merry Wives of Windsor

A comedy about down-on-his-luck bachelor Falstaff and his foolhardy plan to court two wealthy women. (This performance feature actors ages 19 and younger.)

The Green Show

20 minutes of dancing, singing, comedy and more.

The theatre is also hosting family workshops, where parents and kids can create Shakespeare crafts and participate in games and activities. 

For dates, times and tickets, click here. 

And click here to see this year’s discount packages.