Summer’s getting hotter, and it's time to hit the lake. Swimming is nice and all, but if you are looking for more adventurous lake activities, give these ideas a try:


Stand-up Paddle Boarding, Hawaii Style

Trendy as it is, paddle boarding is a refreshing way to get some exercise while exploring different parts of the lake. When paddle boarding, the rider stands on a kind of surf board, only longer and broader, and uses a paddle to direct his path. When tired, you can sit or lie down and enjoy the water. You can even ride tandem with one person paddling while the other enjoys the ride. Outdoors Unlimited rents paddle boards for $30 a day, $120 a week or $360 a month. 


Feel like treasure hunting this summer? Geocaching at the lake is basically playing pirates. There are plenty of caches hidden around the edges and outskirts of the lake, accessible by boat, swimming, car or bike. Download your choice of geocaching app, and don’t forget to bring along a few trinkets to trade out with your prize.

Bike a Century

The total distance around the lake is about 98 miles, making it a popular road bike route, often on a Utah biker’s bucket list. Open farm land, time to think and smooth, flat pavement make it an attractive ride for bikers of various skill levels. You obviously don’t have to bike the whole thing either, just plan accordingly.

Photo courtesy of Ethan Cook 

Spear Fishing

All a beginner really needs to spear fish is a spear pole and snorkel set, although more advanced fishermen use spear guns, wetsuits and sometimes scuba equipment. Like all fishing, it does take some patience, but basically you just swim around until you find a fish. YouTube tutorials can set you straight when trying to spear your first fish. Just a note: Utah Lake is a bit murky for spear fishing; maybe try the clear waters of Deer Creek instead. Utah Lake is better suited for bow fishing because of its shallow waters. You can easily stand in the shallows (even in the middle of the lake), wait for a fish and shoot it with a fishing bow.