Close your eyes and picture yourself living your dream. Looks pretty good, right? For Adam Terry, a local banker-turned-business-owner, imagining was not enough––he successfully turned his dream into reality. 

After losing his job at a bank, Terry decided there was no better time to finally start working in food. He started selling waffles out of a food truck in Utah County. His wife backed him up by doing promotional work, and together they built Waffle Love into a beloved local business with a fleet of trucks and store in Provo.

Waffle Love offers liege waffles with a range of toppings, including fresh fruit, cream whipped in the truck, biscoff spread, nutella, ice cream and dulce de leche. “We’re always changing it up,” Terry says. During cherry season, the truck offers fresh local cherries as toppings. 

“I will never shortchange my recipe or change the ingredients to something cheaper,” Terry says. “We pay a premium for all the ingredients we buy and the waffles taste amazing.” The pearl sugar is imported from Belgium, and they use high-quality butter and wheat milled in Utah.

What makes Waffle Love truly unique is its relationship with customers.

“The community really came out and supported me that first year,” Terry says. “The first day, I only sold 13 waffles.” Subtract that from the 100 waffles per day he needed to sell, and it wasn’t looking good. Luckily, “of those 13 people that came by the first day, some were local celebrities,” Terry says. Mindy Gledhill, local singer/songwriter, Instagrammed her experience that first day, and word spread.

Three months later, Waffle Love was all the rage. “I started to get really big lines,” Terry says. “I would go park in the middle of a dirt field on a Friday night, and tons of people would come and line up. I feel like people have just been so awesome in supporting us.”

Persevering with only a $5,000 loan from his grandma-in-law, a junkyard-worthy old truck, and a dream, Terry proves it all comes down to determination. “You start where you are with what you have, and go from there. Nothing worth doing is easy,” Terry says. "Any entrepreneur is going to find obstacles, but it will be so much more satisfying if you’re willing to do whatever it takes.”

Waffle Love’s food trucks are located in Salt Lake County, Utah County, St. George and Maricopa County, Arizona, with a store location at 1796 N. 950 West, Provo. For more info, follow Waffle Love on Instagram or visit their website.