Scholars have warred over the definition of art for centuries, but if you were to ask Priscilla Briggs, she would say art can be anything. Originally a photographer, the Salt Lake resident and mother initially turned to candy-making as a way to make a little cash to supplement the teacher's salary made by her husband, opening an Etsy store in Nov. 2012.

"I found a lollipop that someone had made and put a butterfly inside, and I thought, 'That is gross! Who would want to eat a lollipop with a butterfly inside?'" Briggs laughs. "But that got me thinking about graphics, and I thought, 'If someone is selling lollipops with butterflies inside, I wonder if I could come up with some sort of edible graphic.'"

After a little experimentation and burnt candy stuck in her hair, Briggs hit gold just in time for an explosion of Christmas orders. 

Bloggers soon found and wrote about her artful lollipops, piquing the attention of homemaking heavyweight Darcy Miller, Martha Stewart's Editor, who flew Briggs to New York City to promote Designer Lollipops at Martha Stewart's fashion week party.

Other big names like Whoopi Goldberg, Warner Bros., NASA and the Syfy Channel fell in love with the graphic lollipops, and Briggs started making custom designs for movies and events.

Though the majority of sales are done online, you can scope out Designer Lollipops in the flesh at One Sweet Slice, the Salt Lake bakery owned by Cupcake Wars winner Janelle Brown, and Hallmark stores around SLC.

Along with flavors blackberry and cotton candy, you can also decide from a bevy of designs like dragon eyes, the galaxy, the aurora borealis, and (fake) butterflies to name a few. If you want something a little more personal, you can order a Selfie Pop or put your corporate logo in a lollipop for some sweet swag your investors' tastebuds are not likely to forget. 

What does Priscilla have in store next for Designer Lollipops?

Machine manufacturing so they can expand the flavor selection and widen the scope of retail locations. Though $100,000 has been raised already for the machinery, Designer Lollipops still needs $45,000 for the equipment needed to take the line to the next level.

Help fund Designer Lollipops on their page, and learn more about the business at