Abracadabra, there is a new show in Provo.

Since last April, and slowly growing in popularity, the Gezo Hall Variety Show has been the place to get your party on every first Saturday of the month. Pack in for an evening of family friendly comedians, magicians and live bands.

Tickets are $6. Show starts at 6 p.m., Gezo Hall (490 N. Freedom Blvd., Provo).

Just to name-drop, this Saturday's show features Aaron Woodall from HumorU, indie bands Ice Hotel and Kindred Dead and professional magician and fire eater, Andrew Germaine. That’s right, fire eater. Actually, Germaine is also a fire breather and has even been known to throw fire, so watch your top hats. He'll be the final act at the variety show this weekend.

There isn’t much to do when you have a broken-down car and can’t go anywhere, so Germaine started teaching himself magic five years ago. Before long, he was creating his own original bag of tricks, which led to a full show.

Currently a BYU student studying construction management, Germaine intends to finish his degree and peruse his career in performance fire and magic. He's also taken his show on the road and performed in Iowa, New York and California.

With all that fire, I wanted to know if he has even been burned. Germaine said sometimes his torches get too hot and burn the sides of his mouth, making it hard to eat or smile. But he says its questions like those he loves most. The most common query: “How did you do that?”