A sweet slice of Americana, the annual Payson Salmon Supper has been smokin’ for 60 years. Every August in the city park, Payson City throws a massive cookout with more than 4,500 pounds of fresh Alaskan salmon.

The salmon—seriously one of the tastiest slabs you will ever eat—is cooked over flaming fruitwood by local firemen. There’s entertainment on the bandstand as you wait in line with old and new friends, some of which have shipped themselves down on busses from all over the valley for the annual event.

The firemen can be seen in their yellow jackets as they salt, butter, and cook the flown-in fish to perfection. The high school football team, and its cheerleaders, provide the service, and a hundred or so volunteers help host the event.

There are smiles galore and the downtown of the quaint town smells a bit smokey and fishy, which is just fine by everyone as they chow on humongous pieces of salmon. 

Did I already mention that it’s one of the tastiest suppers you’ll eat in Utah?

 shot these photos while on assignment for Salt Lake magazine. For more extensive photos, and a story with interviews, check the July/August 2015 issue. This post was originally posted on 13percentsalt.com.