Earrings on model created by Kumiko Morse

When Kumiko Morse needs to de-stress, she crafts. Since she works at a therapeutic preschool for children who are dealing with behavior and emotional issues, she crafts a lot.

This is my therapy,” says Morse, showing off her workspace, set with origami paper and a Japanese TV show playing on a nearby laptop. “This is what I do to relax and be in my own world.” The results of her break from reality: stunning, hand-crafted origami earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces she sells on Etsy and at local festivals.

Morse will show off and sell her work, Kumiko's Origami Jewelry, along with 200 other artisans at this weekend’s Craft Lake City DIY Festival, at the Gallivan Center on Aug. 8 and 9.

Originally from Hiroshima, Japan, Morse learned origami as a child but stepped away from the art until she saw another artisan creating origami jewelry online in 2008. She started selling her work in 2010.

To create her work, Morse uses Japanese washi paper she orders online or asks her parents in Japan to ship. After folding the paper, she coats it with two types of liquid she keeps a secret. The most difficult part of her work is finding the time to create. "Not only because I have a full time job, but because it takes so much time to make, and I always get so overwhelmed before big events like Craft Lake City or Living Traditions Festival, trying to make as many pieces as I can," she says.

This year will be Morse's fourth year at the DIY Fest. While there, Morse says festival-goers should also check out Peach Treats for custom ear pieces and Lot 77 for home décor and furniture.

If you miss Morse's work at the DIY Fest, find her at the 9th & 9th Street Festival on Sept. 13.

Photos provided by Kumiko Morse