Art and design saved Andrew Miller. Coming out of a period of depression, he coped by focusing on being creative in college. "It kind of found me," he says. "Art ended up being instrumental in bringing me out of that depression. Everything was a rebirth." 

After making it through school and "getting funneled into the applied arts route," Andrew realized he missed the creative process implicit in the fine arts. "I pretty quickly found myself freelancing," says Andrew, about getting back to the kind of hands-on, creative approach he loved.

Rootform was "completely born out of frustration."

After borrowing space at friends' wood shops and vehicle fabrication shops to create prototypes of his artsy products, Andrew decided he needed a real studio and tools if he was going to create on a professional level. After doing research and becoming enchanted with the idea of creating a maker space, an incubator for fellow artisans and craftsmen/women who have struggled finding a location and tools to create their own designs, Andrew decided to put his plan into high gear, and a business was born.

Andrew says Rootform provides "minimal risk for people wanting to jump in but unsure if they can make a business around their product."

The studio also helps "people get established and improve their product."

How it works? Much like a gym, you buy a monthly membership to use the space and tools. 

Rootform has proven itself to be a saving grace, not only for Andrew, but for his clients as well.

In the last two years, Rootform has evolved from a very small space to a 3,000-square-foot space with mostly woodworking equipment. It is Andrew's vision to not only expand the physical space of Rootform, but to increase the variety of tools in order to be more multidisciplinary. In order to do this, Rootform will need more money, tools, corporate sponsorship and exposure. 

To donate to Rootform, visit their Go Fund Me webpage. To learn more about Rootform, visit the website

Rootform is located at 352 West 600 South, SLC. You can reach Rootform owner Andrew Miller at 801-528-8961.