Ever tried running with a Costanza wallet in your pocket?

I have, and it sucks. Thump, thump, thump against your thigh for an entire 5K isn’t cool. My thick leather wallet, crammed with punch cards I’ve only used once, was my primary cash, card and ID carrier until this weekend.

While browsing booths at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market at the Salt Palace, I ran into Teri Thomas of Wojo Wallet.

Thomas started Wojo in Dallas with a business partner two years ago. Since then, her business partner left and she’s made the wallets slimmer and sleeker. Originally, they were marketed to water-sports enthusiasts, but now she’s trying to expand her market to include runners, cyclists and anyone else in need of a slim wallet.

Wojos hold about 10 cards in a sleeve with a strap around it for folded up cash. They’re light, and the original target market makes sense—they float. But if you are taking it on the water, remember it’s not a dry bag. Plastic cards should be safe to get wet, but if you have any business cards, punch cards or otherwise unlamented paper cards, they might not make it out alive. The good news: Nothing falls out.

The wallet’s made to fit what you need for the day, but I wanted to push it.

After 10 credit-card-sized cards, it gets tough to pull a card out of the sleeve. The more cards in the sleeve, the tighter the strap gets. Seven bills and six cards, in my opinion, is the perfect fit. If you’re used to carrying every card you own (and you’re planning to use Wojo daily), it will be a balancing act at first.

Of course, I’m not ready to ditch my leather wallet completely like the guy in this video.


I need somewhere to store all of those punch cards for safe keeping.

Thomas also told us she’s starting a line of Wojo wallets with collegiate logos (below), and Wojo hopes to someday unveil a line of passport holders.