Lizzy Early had no idea her blog would be a hit, but she did know she loved to bake.

In high school, her signature “Lizzy Cookie,” an oatmeal chocolate chip, won her friends. But Lizzy didn’t stumble into blogging until her former boyfriend’s mother helped her set one up and gave her a big push. Once a broadcast journalism major turning the corners of BYU campus, she's now a full time blogger creating recipes and selling books.

Lizzy, who lives in Provo, has been blogger for almost 4 years now, and it is much more work than just sitting on the couch and typing away. Her days are spent experimenting in the kitchen, taking portraits of her creations and doing freelance work for big name companies who want her endorsement. She shot an Instagram video for Crisco, and she has developed recipes for Betty Crocker, Pillsbury and Chex.

Lizzy says her passion for baking comes through in her photography. When she looks back at one of her photos, she remembers the music that was on while her cupcakes were in the oven and the flour that spilled on her apron.

Photography can be a challenge as well when it comes to food. If the photo isn’t taken when the food is fresh, it doesn’t look too appealing through film. Lizzy sys there are some tricks, like pouring oil on meat to make it look more fresh or steaming cheese, but she doesn’t use those.

On Lizzy’s blog, what you see is what you get.

Her blog primarily has simple recipes, which can be adapted for those with dietary needs, like gluten-free. But Lizzy says more food dishes are to come.

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