The hike to Donut Falls is a favorite among locals because it's a family-friendly trek with gorgeous scenery.

Distance: 1.5 miles, round trip

Elevation gain: 450 feet

Time: Approximately 1 hour

Trail: This is the perfect trail for summer. It's mostly flat and follows a stream much of the way. Many stop to soak their feet in the water. The trail ultimately heads straight in to the river, which you will follow up a tumbling hillside of rocks. Navigate your way carefully up to the falls. It's a bit slippery but well worth the effort. At the top, you can see the falls where they plunge through a rock face and in to a dark cave below.

Tips: Go early in the morning. After 9 a.m., the trail starts to get crowded. Be sure to wear your water proof hiking boots because if you make your way up to the falls your feet will definitely get wet.

Who you'll see: Parents, children, tweens, teenagers and college students out enjoying summer vacation.

How to get there: Drive nine miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Follow a sign to your right that directs you to the Jordan Pines Picnic Area. Drive along the unpaved road for a mile and you'll find yourself at the trailhead.

Apres-hike: Head to Porcupine Pub & Grille to sample one of their 24 beers on tap.